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so how do we create amazing videos?

Over the years of creating explainer videos, we've perfected the video-making process. The secret behind creating a powerful and engaging animated video is to do all the steps right!


The starting point is to fill in a short creative brief to help with the script-writing. We’ll schedule a call with you to get to know you and your product and to learn more about exactly what it is you need.

kick-off meeting


Every kickass video starts with a kickass script. This is the most important part of your video. And we're not just saying that. We will start out by doing some brainstorming and then we present a draft script to you. We then work closely with you to perfect it.



Our designers create a look based on the script and your brand identity. If you like it... great! If you don't like it we tear it up and start over.



In this step, we hold an audition and recommend some voiceover options to you. Having worked in this business we know the ropes and work with some really great talent in any accent.



This is the fun part. Here we bring your story to life. By this time there should hopefully be no surprises as you would have seen style frames and more beforehand.



Here we add a rocking soundtrack and sound effects. You’ll be given several options to choose from.

Your video is now complete!



ready to get started?