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2D Explainer Video 

average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5

Your Professional 2d Animated Explainer Video Company

Unlock the power of animated storytelling with our 2D explainer video services for all your animated sales videos or marketing video needs, our team specializes in creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Character animated explainer video
Online travel and booking app promo video
Unicef Phil Ed and USAID project explainer video
Microsoft Explainer Video
2D Animated Explainer Video for Cyber Security Training Company
StockShare Supplier Final.mp4
Anti virus fire wall Yellow Corporate device animated video
Animated explainer video for crop production software corporation
Online graphics editing platform animated video
Middy's Academy
StockShare | Character Animation Explainer
Character Animation
The Video Kitchen
VB Explainer video animated for customer support software
2D animated explainer for Saas Software
Explainer video on Process automation technology

Professional 2D Animation Explainer Video Company at Your Service

Partner with our professional 2D animation explainer video company to boost your sales and marketing efforts. 

We will create engaging animated sales and marketing videos for you to connect with your audience, tell your brand story, and drive results. With our expertise in animated sales videos,  your brand will be provided with stunning visual content that attracts attention and converts viewers into customers.

Our Creative Process

Wondering what our creative process looks like?
Here is how we do the magic.

Conceptualization & Onboarding:

At this point, we get to understand your business, your target audience, and your objectives. This is where you’re required to send all the materials and info needed for your video. We are going to work closely with you and your team to come up with inventive ideas suitable enough for your brand personality. Together, we will create a concept that successfully communicates your key messages and points to your brand personality.

Scripting & Visualization:

This phase is a combination of storytelling and visual directives usually in text or sketch format. Our experienced team will combine scripting and Visual creativity to form a compelling story and visuals for your video. We'll make sure your message is delivered concisely and engagingly, and bring your vision to life with point-by-point, detailed storyboards.

StyleFrame & Storyboard:

We then construct one or two alternate styles for the same scenes to see which matches and works best with your footage. It involves a lot of sketching and artistic creativity to bring to paper the appropriate characters on the digital storyboard. These designs helps find styles for your mood boards suited for your brand.


We add the voicings to test and find one that works better with the message being passed. Our Explainer Video Agency provides top-notch voiceovers to complement your well-crafted script.  Our sound designers also incorporate appealing background music and sound effects, creating an immersive experience that engages auditory senses alongside the visual storytelling.

Post Production:

It’s time for your ideas to be brought to life, we put everything in the editing software, along with the chosen sounds and music to create the stunning visuals that you’d be proud to use for your marketing. We also work on the sound design and effects, making sure everything aligns with what you want for your video.

Animation & Design:

Once your script and storyboard are finished, our in-house designers and animation designers will bring your idea to life with stunning visuals, custom illustrations, and smooth animations that match your brand identity and effectively convey your message but this isn’t the final video.

Review and Revisions:

You know we value your input that's why you will be involved in the process of production. You get to review and request revisions when needed to make sure the animated sales video or marketing video aligns with your brand visuals and conveys your message properly.

Final Delivery:

Once the animation is complete and approved, we provide the final video record in your favored format. This video can be effortlessly shared on your site, your social platforms, or any other company or brand channel to maximize its reach and effect.