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Live-Action Video

average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5
average rating is 4 out of 5

We give high-quality live Action Videos that bring your Vision to Life.

Professional Live Action Video Production to Captivate Your Audience. Our live-action video production services bring your ideas to life in a visually stunning and engaging manner.

Live-Action ACD video for Eaton
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Flip Belt outdoor jogging promo video_
Live action video with motion graphics for Bank
Droneball Go Crowd funded project
Cryptocurrency Live action video
Live-action motion graphics Corporate video
Terranoha Live Action Corporate Video
Survey App software Live-action
Requisition Software Corporate video explainer
Pulse Customers Corporate video explainer

Reliable Live Action Video Production Company.

Our reputation as your trusted provider of live-action video production services helps us prioritize delivering clear and astounding visuals sure to have your audience fascinated. Trust our team to leverage storytelling techniques, cinematic visuals, and effective edits to create an explainer video that engages and communicates.

Our Creative Process

Scripting and Visual Directions:

Now we've got a clear idea of what the visual concept is all about, we proceed to prepare a script, this script includes the storyline, dialogues, and important visual elements for your videos. The scriptwriter will come up with a script that's effective in getting the brand's message across correctly. We will plan on visual directions, angles, and arrangements to make your video visually interesting.

Concepts & Onboarding:

Let’s start with understanding your business or brand, who your target audience is, and your marketing objectives. In this first stage, we’ll work with you to collectively brainstorm creative ideas that align with your visual concepts. We want to make sure that the concept chosen effectively communicates your message.

Storyboarding and B-roll Collection:

After writing the script, we start with the Storyboard, this is an important part of the process that helps in planning and organizing scenes and shots pre-planned for your explainer video. We then source for b-roll footage, usually footage of scenery, objects, or people used in between shots of the actual content. This helps add depth, additional contexts, and visual interest.

Voiceover and Sound Design

Our Explainer Video Agency provides top-notch voiceovers to complement your well-crafted script. Choose from our diverse pool of talented voice artists, and when combined with thoughtfully selected sound effects and music, it enriches your video's impact and emotional appeal.


These two are important aspects of creating an effective explainer video, they help with further understanding of these videos. We provide quality voiceovers that enhance the overall audio experience. our sound designers incorporate suitable background music and sound effects for depth and emotion in our explainer videos.

Post-production Editing:

 After finalizing filming, our video editors then begin to work on the content assembling and manipulating to create a visually appealing final product. They go through all the necessary checks selecting the best footage and creating a captivating video that best passes the message making the complexity disappear. We'd go through color grading, visual effects, and adding any necessary animations or graphics. This is the final touch-up.

Sound Design & Audio Integrations:

Sound plays a vital role in creating an engaging viewing experience. Our team adds background music, sound effects, and clean audio recordings to enhance the overall impact of your live-action video. We ensure that the audio complements the visuals, creating a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Reviews &
Final Delivery:

There will be room for revisions before final delivery.  Throughout the production process, we will provide opportunities for you to review and revise to ensure you get what you want. Once the animation is complete and approved, we deliver the final video in your preferred format, ready to be shared on various channels for maximum impact.