we are one of the best animation studios in the Philippines. we create amazing video content for all kinds of businesses.

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character animation

We are an animation studio that specializes in creating video content for businesses around the world. Within the video universe, we specifically create explainer videos that are short, easy to digest and conveys the target message in the most effective way possible. 

One of the most sought out video categories is 2d character animation a.k.a 2d cartoon animation or simply 2d animated video. This type of video is well-suited for a business-to-customer model. The end viewers like to see something casual, relatable and easily digestible, all of which are fulfilled by character animation videos. 

In character animation videos, we show the perspective of the end-user and in most cases, open with a problem the customer is trying to solve. We then introduce the product or service and showcase the features which will resolve the problem portrayed. Most of the production process is done in-house, in our studio. Our animation studio houses our very talented team of artists who conceptualize, illustrate and animate the video. This is why we take pride in the quality of work we deliver and are considered as one of the best animation studios in the Philippines. 

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1. kick-off meeting

2. script

3. conceptualization

4. design

5 professional voiceover

6. animation

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