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Win over the trust of your clients through the use of a live-action explainer video

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Live action explainer video company USA

Digital marketing has reached brand new heights in today’s day and age. The world has become a global village and over 5 billion people across the globe have access to the internet. This makes the internet one of the most powerful tools you can use to market an existing product or launch a new one altogether. If your business hasn’t included the use of the internet in your marketing mix yet, you might be missing out. The business world is fast-paced and in order to stay relevant, all businesses need to be able to adapt to the changing interests of the customer base and the different ways they can reach the target audience. If you are already using the internet for either online trading or simply the promotion of your product, there are certain special items that you can add to your website or social media profile in order to attract more customers and to retain their attention. One of these things is a live-action explainer video and we are the award winning Live action explainer video agency. An explainer video is a short video that you can display on the landing page of your website that gives a quick overview of your business and what it does in an interesting manner. They present a problem and a solution and, in a short video, have the ability to completely explain what your product is, what it does and what your business stands for. A live-action explainer video is certainly a great addition to the landing page of your website as it has proven to massively increase the conversion rates. They make the product interesting

The whole purpose of a live-action explainer video is to catch the attention of the customer and tell them exactly what the product is without them having to read through a bunch of details. Moreover, the content used to create the live-action explainer video is designed to make the product sound so interesting that anybody watching it would feel inclined to know more about the product. A live-action explainer video can include a short story with a beginning, a climax and an ending, which can be presented to the viewers in a relatable manner so that they are drawn towards the product and the business altogether. They make visitors stay longer

The online marketing world is an extremely tough place to compete in. The market is saturated and the customers are usually highly impulsive. They click on a website and quickly decide to leave if they don’t see anything interesting. This is where a live-action explainer video on the landing page of your website comes in handy. When potential customers visit your website and you manage to catch their attention using the live-action explainer video, they are bound to stick around for at least 2-3 minutes which is enough for them to get acquainted with the product and for it to leave an impact on their minds. They might not buy it right away but they surely will be thinking about it for a while. They can help you communicate better

Unlike other types of written advertisements or even animated explainer videos, live-action explainer videos tend to be a better way to communicate your emotions to your audience. Human beings’ ability to understand body language plays an important part here. People who would be otherwise too lazy to read a set of bullet points about a product or those that might not be able to connect with an animated video are best targeted with a live-action explainer video because they communicate emotions quickly. There is a certain humanizing feel to the whole experience and most people tend to react to human emotions with similar emotions, which is what you need to play on as a business that is looking to sell a product. How you can make the best use of a live action explainer video

Our Live action explainer video productions can prove highly effective for your business in gaining the trust of your customers. The strategic placement of a live-action explainer video on the landing page of your website can reap great conversion rates and can bring you a great deal of business. You can attempt to make a live-action explainer video yourself with the props and stuff that is already available to you or you can hire a live-action explainer video production company to do that job for you more professionally. They have the expertise, the experience and the equipment to make the perfect video for your needs.

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