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You Need To Know All About Whiteboard Animation Service.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We have often noticed during any presentations, in case the clients get bored or working out, they tend to lose interest in your presentation. However, according to research, people tend to enjoy the visual representation of an idea rather than verbally hearing it; hence when you use a whiteboard animation video during your presentation, it enhances your presentation and helps you reach your main motive.

We provide our clients with the best and most unique kind of whiteboard animation video according to their requirements. You can contact us at 1-833-935-2211 or email us at If you desire a one-on-one meeting with our team and us, you can also visit us at 6795 Ayala avenue corner V.A, Rufino street Makati, 1226, Philippines.

Our Specialties

Our whiteboard explainer video service specializes in creating a fully customized one-of-a-kind video. We ensure that your whiteboard animation video is unique and not replicated by automated character animation software. Through this, we make sure your videos stand out from the crowd and create a brand recall.

Our work helps you to stand out from the crowd and is a great helper in defining your brand. We serve up something completely fresh and bold new twist, all completely customized and adapted to your company’s needs that will leave a lasting mark on your audience.

Our Work

We work with you to fully develop the right visual language to convey your message to your target audience. When you get the whiteboard animation video made by us, you can watch it and understand that there is no other video like that out there. The quality is extremely high and supreme. Due to this, several well-known companies have been linked with us to create their whiteboard explainer video.

Since most whiteboard animation videos contain simple and static illustrations, it is considered to be one of the most affordable explainer videos to produce. Because of this, whiteboard animation videos are prevalent amongst content producers who want some illustrations to emphasize the script’s messages without it being costly.

Our Process Of Creating The Whiteboard Explainer Video

One of the first things we do when you drop us a line or send us a message on our website is to schedule a call with you. This way, we get to go through your different needs, specify the video’s objective, and figure out what type of video best suits your company and your message.

We also go through our entire video creation process, which has been streamlined to create as few bottlenecks as possible to ensure that our customers have a smooth, worry-free experience.

At first, what we do is build the script, as that is the basic foundation of any video, then the whiteboard animation is created, which is similar to the characters you draw through a black tip marker on a whiteboard.

After the animation process, a voice-over is added to the background, which professional voice-over artists do, further explaining whatever is happening in the video.

Our Dynamics While Working

We retain the cost-effectiveness of this style while still ensuring that the videos we make for our clients stand out and are of premium quality. For example, our dynamic whiteboard explainer videos feature custom, hand-crafted illustrations that move in a subtle yet dynamic fashion.

The visuals’ simple yet fluid movement punctuates your messages and creates a more memorable experience for your viewers, making it easier for your video to stand out against everyone else's. Combined with our expert team of scriptwriters and concept creators, our service offers a polished experience throughout the making.

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