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Increase your sales with
our intelligent  AI chatbot.

Enhance customer engagement and boost sales with our intelligent AI chatbot, crafted to deliver seamless, personalized interactions and support for your business.

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Available 24/7

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Our Features

Functionality That You Will Love


Live Support Redirection:

When necessary, the chatbot can redirect users to a live support agent, ensuring complex queries are handled by a human representative, thereby enhancing customer service.


One-Time Payment:

The Stellarvideo chatbot is available for a one-time payment, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to implement a powerful AI chatbot without recurring subscription fees.


Personal OpenAI API Key Import:

You can import your personal OpenAI API key, allowing the chatbot to leverage advanced AI capabilities for more intelligent and nuanced responses.


24/7 Support Assistance:

The chatbot operates around the clock, ensuring your customers receive support at any time of day, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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We build smart AI chatbot that suits your business need, helps you manage your customers. Get in touch with us using the form below


6795 Ayela Avenue Corner, VA.

Rufino Street, Makati,1227, Philippine.

You will hear from us shortly!

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