character animation

As a character animation explainer video company, we’ve done a great job so far for varied businesses in the USA. Character Animation Explainer Videos are the kind that use characters to portray a problem/pain point and present a convenient solution. This is highly popular among companies that use the B2C video strategy. Here are some projects that we’ve delivered so far for our clients.


Here’s a sneak peek into the kinds of projects we’ve delivered so far and are particularly proud of.

motion graphics

Business animation videos are always a great success with end customers. Motion graphics is an effective way to support a complex idea or product because it can help your target audience visualize it in a way a presentation can’t. This type of explainer video is popular in the tech and materials industries as most of the time they target other businesses with complex products. Check out what we’ve done so far for our clients.

corporate videos

Corporate videos a.k.a live-action videos rely heavily on actual live-footage or images. With the use of high-end on-screen graphics and animation, companies can effectively communicate the message to their target audience. Clients can provide us with images and raw footages or we can arrange stock assets for the production of the video.


whiteboard animation

It is a very popular one with a remarkable number of 2D explainer video companies. But...not every company crafts them perfectly. This type of explainer video utilizes the "whiteboard" approach where market animation reveals the artwork. This is the most cost-effective and conventional way of explaining your product or services in a video format. Because we custom create all artwork in-house, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the creativity of whiteboard animation styles. Check out some of our best work below.


instructional videos

Hit the right chord with your audience through instructional videos. As the name suggests, these videos are meant for tutorials, how-to videos, and the like to walk your customers through your platform or app. The majority of the content in this type of animation video comes from the actual screen-grabs of your product's user interface, supported by a professionally written script and premium animations. Let’s see what we’ve done so far.

ready to get started?


Our work more than speaks for us. It is proof why so many businesses in the USA choose us as their explainer video company. We take pride in the quality of explainer videos we produce.

Stellar Videos believes in catering to a niche audience that is looking for a premium quality explainer video at a reasonable price.


We started our video production business back in 2012 and have catered to a variety of businesses across the globe, primarily in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines.


Most of our team members are locally employed. We are a team of highly talented story-tellers,  illustrators, animators, and sound engineers. We also have long-term working contractors from the US who are professional scriptwriters and voiceover artists.


We have perfected our video production process which allows convenience and transparency to your end clients. To learn more about our process

, click here.

frequently asked questions

Do you cater to the B2B market? And do explainer videos even work for a B2B market?

Yes, we do and we have a good experience at that.

And, yes, explainer videos do work for the B2B market just like they do for the B2C market.

Explainer videos, in fact, work the best wherein:

  • The client has a paucity of time
  • Your product/service is an innovative one, never seen before on the market
  • The script that you need to use for explanation is long (listening to a pitch takes less time and effort that reading one)
  • Your clientele can be captured on social media

What industries do you have experience in?

You name it, and we might just pull out a video that we did for the said industry. We’re an industry-agnostic explainer video company in the true sense of the word.

Our vast experience in terms of years and the variety of projects has honed our skill for analyzing different markets, and that is what helps us make better videos for you.

How can I schedule a call with you?

It has never been any easier than this. All you need to do is book a call schedule on our calendar here.

Just pick any day and time from the available slots and we’ll connect with you right then for a FREE 30 min initial consultation call.

I am a creative person myself. How would you like it if I participated in the creative process?

Client participation is an integral part of our approach. As we start with the kick-off meeting, the very process starts with a discussion to arrive at the same page. We not only respect your vision but also begin from it.

Your creative vision is what our basis or work is. As we keep you informed after achieving every milestone in the process, you are more than welcome to be more than informed; to be involved.

Will I be directly in touch with your creative team?

It is usually a project manager who is your direct point of contact. However, we will be more than happy if you wish to have discussions with the team at different stages of the project.




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