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Creative Motion Graphics Video Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2023


There are lots of ways to tell a single story. Whether it is a story about your product, your company or your value proposition, the most important thing is to find the most effective way of sharing it with the world. The most amazing idea, after all, if it cannot find a home in other people, will go unnoticed and waste away.

In 2017, 70% of all internet traffic was video. Considering Cisco’s prediction that by 2020, this will increase to 82%, then it’s an easy choice as to what medium you should use when it comes to sharing details about your product or informing potential customers of your company’s service in an easy and accessible manner.

Happily, video production over the years has become less and less daunting as people are no longer beholden to producing it in the traditional way. That is, hiring actors, figuring out locations, and coming up with sets are no longer as important as they were decades ago, especially with the advent of more advanced video and animation software.

What is rapidly becoming more important in videos is content that’s aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging. Hence, staying up to date with the latest motion graphics trends becomes increasingly important as a motion graphics video, when done well, has the capability of easily catching your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds. Combined with the story of your company and its products, you can have a powerful motion graphics explainer video on your hands that will engage your audience.

What Are Motion Graphics Anyway?

Briefly, motion graphics are the portions of digital footage that create the illusion of movement. They are the ones responsible for the dynamic transitions between text and images, and the fluid movement of elements on the screen, all of which serve to make a video more visually engaging, as well as exciting. Think of a static illustration, and then imagine having life breathed into it—what’s what motion graphics can do.

They are an intermediate between graphic design, which focuses on aesthetic, and regular animation, which focuses on movement. They are also considered one of the most cost-effective yet creative ways of creating a video. A skillful motion graphics video agency should be able to work with your company in order to produce a motion graphics video that you love under a budget that your company will appreciate. They should be able to create a video that includes the latest motion graphics trend so read ahead, so you know exactly what to ask for.

Seamless Transitions

Remember the movie Bird Man, starring Michael Keaton? It’s a movie that employs a cinematic trick that makes it look like it was shot in one extended take. This is exactly what seamless transitions are: no interruptions, smoothly flowing story, and a narration that swiftly and easily moves ahead.

Using seamless transitions make for a motion graphics video full of aesthetically pleasing and strangely satisfying visuals, ensuring your audience is riveted to their screens, paying close attention to what you want them to see.

Infinite Zoom

Something that can fall under the category of seamless transitions, infinite zoom makes your audience feel like they’re falling into the video, as the movement becomes one of going deeper into the screen, rather than following a horizontal progression from left to right, for example. It strongly evokes an Alice in Wonderland feel, allowing your audience to tip themselves into the rabbit hole and join you as you share with them your story.

It makes sense that this is a trend to watch out for in 2019, given how this fluid motion graphics video technique can have your audience mesmerized by the smooth movement.

Liquid Motion

Not necessarily new, liquid motion nevertheless enjoys continued popularity up to this day. It’s a classic motion graphic video technique that utilizes organic shapes on-screen and having them move and transform in a liquid way. Think circles morphing into other shapes, text shifting shapes to form other words, and shifting objects on your screen.

These are just some of the motion graphics video trends to watch out for. As the year unfolds, one can expect other trends to pop up so make sure to keep yourself current. Partnering with a professional motion graphics video agency should make this easier for you as their expertise will help you make informed decisions in the creation of your motion graphics explainer video.

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