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Whiteboard Explainer Video

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Whiteboard Animation is the most economical explainer video for businesses and it never goes out of the market. Basically, it is the Universal Explainer video of all, due to its simplicity and hand-made drawing with a narration that captures the attention of the target audience of any business. Whiteboard explainer video can be very engaging to the audience. Like any animation, Whiteboard has its own unique style to offer when it comes to marketing and versatility.

What is Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard Animation Video is a hand-made drawing, usually a time-lapsed presentation which is made on a whiteboard and then they are recorded in a sequence to create a proper presentation. It is also known as video scribing and animated doodling. Whiteboard animation is usually used by educators and other online platforms like B2B, Saas businesses.

How do Stellar videos produce a Whiteboard Animation Video?

These are the step by step processes of creating a whiteboard animation video;

1. Script A script is a vital part of every Whiteboard explainer video. Creating a script is like making a story on how you will deliver your products or services to your audience.

2. Content making

After you decided what the story will be this is where you will try to put an introduction to your story, and offer a solution for it. Hence your content should be in accordance with the title given to you. For example, start making animation, cartoons, figures, etc.

3. Voiceover

For a story to depict, you need someone to narrate it. So, while recording, you also need to record a voice-over which will go hand in hand with your animated characters, and, then it will be easy for you to narrate and tell what you want to.

4. Background music

For your whiteboard animation, you can add background music. It will make your video look more attractive, engaging to the audience. Background Music has to be in line with the content and the video. Music is a plus point for your video as it makes your video more attractive and more watchable.

5. Record the whole video

Record the full video, the voice, the music, etc. Then, give your video the final touch. By final touch, we mean the overall outcome of the whiteboard animation.

6. Share

After completing all the above steps, there you have it. Now you are ready to share

the video. Share it to all social media platforms and to any of your target audience. This is the last step of your animation video.

Whiteboards are used for many purposes now. You can also see whiteboards in many of the youtube videos. Also, for educational purposes, the whiteboards are in high demand. Educators are now teaching students through these whiteboards only.

While you can still try to make whiteboards for free, you can go for different software that can design these whiteboard presentations for you. The video should not be very long; it should be short and crisp and should be around 60 secs.


The benefit of using the Whiteboard Explainer Video is, it is easy to create by yourself. You do not need any technique or experience to create a whiteboard video.

Also, anything written on the whiteboard will be easy to understand as it will hold the attention, and everything will be so clear to understand. One enjoys creating a Whiteboard Explainer Video.

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