We are an animation studio located in the Philippines. Whether you want to boost sales, educate your audience or create brand awareness - we have a video solution for everything!

we help businesses create amazing video content 

here comes the magic...

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Who Are We?

Your video is not our first rodeo...we've worked with hundreds of clients in creating amazing videos and have the process down to a science. Not only is the end product an amazing video, but we also make the process a breeze, with each stage being handled by experts in their craft...

We want you to think of us as partners and partners have each other's backs. That's why we'll always give you a great video - every single time!

This isn't a one-time thing

We're an idea factory...

Collaboration transforms a good idea into a great execution. Together, we generate concepts and content unique to your brand. Think of the video production as a relay race, pass on the baton and we'll take it to the finish line...

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1. kick-off meeting

2. script

3. conceptualization

4. design

5 professional voiceover

6. animation

stellar videos

EMAIL: info@stellarvideos.net | Phone: +63 917 503 1110
Level 40, PBCom Tower,
6795 Ayala Avenue Corner V.A,
Rufino Street, Makati, 1226, Philippines

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