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We are a 2D explainer video company helping businesses create premium quality explainer videos. Whether you want to boost sales, educate your audience or create brand awareness - we have a video solution for everything!

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Looking for explainer video companies in the USA?

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Knowing your market is incredibly important when creating materials meant to represent your brand to your audiences or explaining exactly what your business or service is all about. That’s why we know how important it is for you to work with someone who has experience in communicating to a US audience and might be looking for explainer video companies in the USA. After all, that makes it easier for you as well since working with a team accustomed to US clients can make the process go a lot faster. 

2D Character Animation

That’s why we at Stellar Videos are proud of having worked with many large US clients for over a decade. With clients like Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, and Citrine, we’re proud to say that our team is well-versed in both US audience and business needs. While we know the unique branding needs and requirements of bigger companies, we have also worked with many budding new enterprises and smaller businesses looking to up the ante on their marketing and helped them nail the look and feel they want to represent their brands on both a local and international scale.

Stellar Videos: delivering the same quality at lesser cost than explainer video companies in the USA

Stellar Videos is an explainer video company that specializes in creating fully customized one-of-a-kind 2D animated videos. We ensure that your video is unique and not something that can be replicated by automated character animation software—it’s through this that we make sure your videos stand out of the crowd and create brand recall. 

We work with you in developing the right visual language in order to fully convey your message to your target audience. When you get a Stellar Videos explainer video, you can watch it and know that there is no other video out there like it.


What’s even better, Stellar Videos is a 2D explainer video company based in the Philippines, which means that we’re able to provide you with world-quality, US-aware and US-conscious service that still fits your budget. 

The process of creating a video with a  2D explainer video company


One of the first things we do when you drop us a line or send us a message on our website is to schedule a call with you. This way, we get to go through your different needs, specify the objective of the video and figure out what type of video best suits your company and your message. We also go through our entire video creation process, which has been streamlined to create as few bottlenecks as possible, all in order to ensure that our customers have a smooth worry-free experience. !

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