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Animated Explainer Videos

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Are you needing to have a professionally made video with your desired content in it, have your own words being converted to visuals as character animation or in motion graphics or maybe whiteboard animation, well, here we are providing our customers with custom made videos with our professional skill set in this field of video production and Animated video production. We provide our customers with almost all kinds of video production, ranging from character Animation video production, motion graphics video production, whiteboard animation, and many more.

Our Process Of Making Animation

The video-making process doesn’t just start directly with the video production. Before we start our actual job, we try to understand our client’s concept and then brainstorm, innovate and look for new ideas to make every video look different. After we have the idea ready, we start with three important steps: script, animation, and background voice.

Script- Here, we plot a scene and write the script where our skilful writers come into play and put their creative skills into this and make a script and then read it out to our client and then if they like it then well and good else we are ready to scrape it off and start with a new script. And once the script is accepted, we move to the next and important part, video production.

Video production and Animated Video production- After the script is accepted, we produce the video as per the client’s requirements. We provide our clients with many types of productions. They are like Character animation, where we make an animated character that moves like a normal living being in a video. Motion graphics make the icons, charts, images, etc., to explain complex and abstract concepts more simply. Whiteboard Animation video, here every element is hand-drawn on a whiteboard. Corporate Live action, Here we physically shoot the video with a professional. Instructional videos, This is the most asked and used type of video production where we make a video of giving a walkthrough on how to use software or platform, etc.

Background voice- we have our background voiceover artists who add the actual flavour to the video and make the video complete.

The Results You Get

As we all know, videos are always better when it comes to marketing on social media. Videos with good content give a better understanding and due to which the positivity rate drastically shoots up. And it must be tiring writing so many emails when an animated video eases the job as the video speaks out all your words. Videos are a good way of explaining your content, and animated videos are simply the understanding process that consumes less time and explains everything you wished for.

Our Impact

Microsoft video: This is an explainer video that depicts how their expression is in constant touch with their employees and happy during this pandemic.

StockShare video: This video is an explainer video, in which there is a character named Tim who explains what are the possible and better ways in which he can make his business better.

Possible App video: This video is a character animation video where the app developers showcase its app’s features that help their clients achieve and manage their daily life goals that make their lives better.

And there are many more videos like the Video kitchen, Firewalla animated video, etc.

The Benefits You Get

We provide the best videos because we are very transparent and we thoroughly communicate with the clients and it’s not only the transparency between our team and clients. We made sure, we offer the best services one could provide.


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