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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Animated Marketing Video

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Animated video marketing may help organizations break new ground in addressing diverse market groups. Animated Marketing Video Production allows you to convey a story about your product or your consumers; as a result, You may use Video to communicate engaging messages that connect with your audience and compel them to take action. Without question, video marketing is a visual storytelling trend that will explode in 2018. Videos captivate and hold the interest of your viewers, and they are demanding.

Types of animated videos for marketing

One of the first things to think about is the design of your animation, as well as its goal and idea for social advertising. Putting in animated content may help you portray a brand look while also enjoying your audience, giving you the best of both worlds. It allows you to maintain your company's image while delivering a critical message and creating something distinctive (and maybe even with a pinch of humor). We'll go through each of the five primary animation types and why they may be the greatest fit for you

  1. Motion graphics: When there is a large amount of information to portray, motion graphics, which are the most commonly used by businesses, are appropriate. Motion graphics embraces this, bringing complicated themes to life in an entertaining manner. This style is less concerned with people and narratives than the other options. A compelling narration complemented by enticing graphics may significantly increase the impact of your message. An animated promotional Video is an excellent choice if you're searching for a structure for your next explainer video or product launch.

  2. Whiteboard animation: A technique that involves physically drawing the complete material on a whiteboard and recording it to make a narrative animation film. A decent whiteboard video will captivate an audience of all ages. The photos should be clear, with an appropriate focus on the message. An excellent narrative script for clear comprehension matches a compelling whiteboard video. The greatest whiteboard animation movies can entice people to watch the information without skipping it. They pique the viewers' interest, making them an excellent choice for branding and promotions.

  3. 2d animation: The art of generating movement in a two-dimensional space. In creating animated films, cartoons, marketing videos, advertisements, corporate presentations, educational materials, video games, and several other things. Individual drawings sequence together over time to give a sense of movement. Depending on the type of animation, one second of animation (24fps) may have as many as 24 distinct drawings or as few as two. The animation is traditionally done in "2s," with a sketch every two frames (12 fps). Allows artists to save time and money on production costs while maintaining the distinct look of 2D animation.

  4. 3d animation: a powerful business tool utilized for business. Companies that use graphics in their ad campaigns will achieve improved audience retention, resulting in more sales and conversions. It is also an excellent way for start-ups to demonstrate that they are business-savvy and offer a high-quality product. Companies may communicate nearly indefinitely about their products and services with 3D Video, making a lasting impression in clients' minds.3d Video can assist you in presenting your products and settings with realism. You may construct virtual and fictitious situations to understand your product or service better.

  5. Typography animation: web designers, creative artists, creative directors, and graphic artists produce digital art. Photoshop is an Adobe tool people frequently use for generating high-quality works of art for print and the web. To draw attention to businesses in ads and promotions. This includes adding metallic effects and 3D or 2D effects to fonts. Typography animation may use these effects to display animated text in movies, television, and various other visual platforms. Typography is the precise skill of creating letters that draw the viewer's attention. To produce great word art, an artist must understand the subtleties of typography.

  6. 2.5D Animation: A two-dimensional animation set within a three-dimensional environment. It might be as simple as shifting a 2D item into 3D space or as complex as using perspective and shadows to make 2D look 3D. This includes paper cutout shapes and 2D items in 3D space that move like 3D objects. As though a two-dimensional ball were rotating fluidly in three dimensions. This produces a three-dimensional environment centred on a two-dimensional item.


Whether you're creating a brief animated GIF or a lengthier animated film, one cannot underestimate the visual narrative power of animation. Animation has the ability to deliver messages that are easily digestible by the audience and to help create a lasting impression, which is much more difficult to achieve with live Video alone. Animated Promotional Video lets you keep the subject informative rather than overly emotional or less engaging. It can help to soften rather than shock the audience while providing necessary information.

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