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How cartoon animated videos help in growing business

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Virality is one of the things every business wishes they could have for their products. However, although it seems like it’s just a matter of posting or updating your Facebook page, producing content that your audience will relate is not that easy.

A lot of the time, people will want to see something that’s dynamic, something that moves and grabs your attention, something in video. That’s why cartoon animated videos as part of your brand’s content strategy is such a great choice.

However, many people are worried that producing cartoon animated videos are expensive. What they don’t realize is that with the advent of technology, producing cartoon animated videos are now much more affordable.

But why bother investing in a video anyway?

Below are 4 reasons why creating a video for your company is such a good idea.

1. Widen your reach

Some traditional companies limit their advertising to TV, the radio and print ads. However, if you produce a cartoon animated video that’s catchy and engaging, you can easily share it on your website and various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This can multiply the amount of people who see your brand exponentially.

2. Explain your product

Cartoon animated videos can explain your product in a way that no simple picture on a website can. With a catchy video, you have a platform on which you can prompt your audience to better consider your product. Some of the best stories you can tell about your product include the following:

  • How your product can change your audience’s life

  • Your company’s purpose and mission

  • What makes your product exciting and innovative

  • How your company helps people out

3. Strengthen your branding

You know how some companies have logos so strong that you can recognise them just by their colour or silhouette alone? Cartoon animated videos make it easier to incorporate your logo in fun and creative ways as the medium allows for a great amount of freedom. Your brand colours can be easily integrated into it so that your audience can be frequently reminded of it as they watch your video.

4. Differentiate yourself

The internet is a vast ocean of content and a company needs to step up their game in order for them to stand out against the competition. Digital marketing is becoming more and more important as services get taken online.

5. Save time and money

When people mention video, a lot of the time people think live action videos, which are videos that are created on location, with hired actors moving around and reading their scripts. While this is great for a lot of brands, two things it does require is a hefty budget and a lot of time. Actors need to get paid, lights need to be rented out and set up, a crew needs to be hired in order to bring the scene to life, sometimes over the course of several days.

With cartoon animated videos, all that you need to find is a good reputable company who has had plenty of experience producing great animated content for a number of different companies. You don’t have to worry about sets or actors, great animation studios can bring your idea to life even if it takes place in outer space.

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