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Top Reasons why Animated Videos are Best for Business

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

There’s nothing that grabs the attention more than a bright splash of color moving across the screen. Human brains simply process moving images faster than static images or text, for example. In fact, we are able to process moving images 60,000 faster than text.

That’s why so many companies are now regularly including videos in their marketing plans. With the rise of so many video-centric platforms on which companies can post brand content for free, videos are fast becoming the easiest way to reach our audiences, especially considering that the biggest ones have users numbering in the millions.

However, you might be wondering right now exactly what types of videos are out there and more importantly, which type would work best for your business? Let’s have a look at the ones primarily used in video marketing.

1. Live-action videos

When you think of video, this is probably what will come to mind. One with actors working on a set, wearing costumes specifically sourced for the demands of the script. An explainer video production company will typically have this option as part of their line-up as it’s one of the most commonly produced videos. They’re good for highlighting customer experience with the products as actors can show how they would actually interact with it. However, a live-action video has the disadvantage of at times complicated logistics. You need people on set apart from the actors and if there are any restrictions around locations that you want used for your video, you might not be able to go there at all.

2. Whiteboard videos

If you’ve been on any social media in the past 10 years, then you’ve seen a whiteboard animation video. These are the videos that mimic the look of cartoons being drawn on a whiteboard, complete with the hand actually moving across the screen. You can easily find an explainer video company who will be able to do this, though the quality still varies depending on the studio you’re talking to. It’s best to use this video if you don’t mind a more cartoony looking video in exchange for lower cost of production.

3. Motion videos

Motion videos are excellent for those who don’t like having characters in their videos but appreciate the ability of motion to convey thoughts and ideas, as well as capture the attention of viewers. A good 2D explainer video company should be able to provide examples of this type of video and it’s a good test of how they’re able to translate complex ideas into simple forms that remain visually arresting.

4. Character animation

If you like having a character that represents your brand do the explaining for you, then this is the type of video for you. Character animation allows you to exaggerate forms and locales, providing you a lot of creative liberty. With this type of animation, sets and costumes are never a problem and it has the added benefit of being easy on the pocket as well, depending on the studio you go with. An explainer video company in USA might be more expensive because of their location, but if you look around, we’re sure you’ll find a studio that can work with your budget.

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