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Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Animated Videos for your Business

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

There are already a lot of other guides out there that will tell you the best ways to boost your SEO or get people interested in your website. That’s why today, we’re going to focus on a form of content that a lot of guides don’t mention: video content. Specifically, animated business videos for your website and social media pages.

Why some guides don’t mention animated videos for business remains a mystery, considering how effective it can be, but we can hazard a guess. People tend to think that videos and time-consuming to produce, especially if they’re animated.

possibilities are endless

However, with all the new technology and software on the market, it’s become easier for animation to produce animated videos. Now that you know that you can fit it in your budget, read on for why you should be going with animated videos.

1. The possibilities are endless

The best animated explainer videos execute concepts that would have otherwise been impossible or too costly if it was done using live actors and locales.

Animated videos give you the freedom of doing whatever you want in your video. The sky is the limit with animated business videos.

2. Context is king

With animated videos for business, your product doesn’t have to exist in isolation from people’s daily lives all over the world. Animation allows you to situate your product wherever and whenever you need it to be.

This allows you to showcase your products use cases quickly and easily.

video production management

3. You can change tone as needed

Sometimes, you want your videos to be cheerful and happy. Other times, you want to strike a more somber tone. Your needs can change with every message you want to put out to your audience, whether this be your clients or your employees.

The best animated explainer videos are able to deliver various messages while ensuring that the tone of the video is appropriate to the occasion. When it comes to using animate videos for business, there are a several types to choose from depending on your message, and within these, several styles:

  • Character Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Whiteboard Animation

4. Abstract ideas become concrete

If you look at some of the best animated videos out there, you’ll see that they’re able to take abstract ideas of warmth and coziness or pride and joy and translate that into something that the audience can relate to.

5. Video production management is a breeze

This is particularly true if you choose a good animation studio. As with anything, we need to make sure we’re carefully choosing the right people for the job. But when you do find the studio that’s right for you, you’ll see that the seemingly daunting task of video production becomes easy as pie.

6. Visuals trump text

With animated business videos, your clients will be reading less and watching and listening more. This is particularly important when you want to catch their attention early and quickly.


7. Your branding becomes more consistent

The best animated videos incorporate the company’s branding, whether it be their colours or logo, into the video and clever ways. While this might prove to be expensive if you were dressing up actual actors or using props, it’s no problem at all with animated business videos.

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